NISM is an institution brought to existence keeping in view the rapid industrialization which has created an immense demand for highly skilled men in security, safety and fire management. These well designed courses are of tremendous value where there is:

  • Very heavy demand for various job options (India and Abroad) for ex defence personnel.
  • The booming construction industry, where rules on safety have become mandatory. The demand for safety and security personnel is growing fast.
  • The need for trained management personnel in various fields. The demand for well qualified and reliable personnel is far greater than the supply.

Ex-defence personnel often lack the exposure to the faculty in industrial security and safety management, but it is well recognised that, they are best suited for these jobs because of their high integrity, sincerity and discipline.

NISM has taken the enterprising step to reach out to the ex-defence personnel offering them a career option which if grasped has the potential to change their life for the better future. The course would help in moulding you into excellent security officers, safety officers, fire officers, safety wardens ,safety instructor, fire protection technician ,and fire safety engineers .


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