Welcome to NISM

Q.1 why should we join NISM ?
Ans.The management courses offered by NISM enjoy wide popularity in Industries and management organization. Courses are simple, practical and up to date. NISM is actively involved in assisting in resettlement. Upon satisfactory completion of the courses, candidates are awarded Diploma certificate in various categories as per the course opted foe security, safety and fire officer, a respected credentials throughout the business world.
Q.2 Is N ISM registered with the Government ?
 Ans. Yes ! the institute is running under the banner of ¬ĚPEOPLES EMPLOYMENT AND PROGRESSIVE EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY Govt Registration no-986/16-17
Q.3 Are you providing any placement assistance?
 Ans. NISM is actively involved in resettlement of Ex Defence personnel. Various Govt Semigovt and private organization are in touch with this organization. We keep guiding the individual as per their requirement.
Q.4 what are the future prospects after doing these courses ?
 Ans. There is a demand for ex-defence personnel in various organization. Additional qualification by doing these courses adds better chances of getting a required job such as security, safety & fire officer. Some candidates have been adjusted in the capacity of Administrative manager. Coordinator, depending upon the requirement of the establishment.
Q.5 what are the job opportunities abroad after doing these course ?
Ans. Several candidates have joined various organizations abroad such as construction companies, industries and banks especially in Gulf countries. The feedback about their performance and perks they are getting are very encouraging.
Q.6 How much salary do we expect after doing these courses?
 Ans. All depends on your performance in the interview, qualification, rank and courses you have done. On an average people are getting between Rs 10000/—–15000/- in a reputed construction company and 15-18 thousand at airports, developers reliance, Tata groups, HAL. People are getting between 60-70 thousand abroad in various organization in security and saf
Q.7 what is the validity of these courses ?
 Ans. The validity of these courses can be best judged by the acceptance of the candidates in reputed organization. NISM students ex-defence personnel have been adjusted in various safety ,security and fire organization in india and abroad. Based on its performance, the Institution NISM is now ISO 9001:2008 certified institution.
Q.8 Do you provide any counselling after the course ?
 Ans. Interested candidates are given counselling before attending any interview. They are guided/advised the technique of interview
Q.9 can we finish the course before the stipulated time.?
 Ans. Though the duration of the course is 6months/12 months, however candidate can opt for rapid course programme at the time of admission depending upon his urgency of certification. However everybody is required to attain the laid down minimum standard.
Q.10 Has anybody got settled for the govt job after doing courses offered by your institute?

Ans. Yes ! candidates are being absorbed in govt-semi Govt departments. Recently Mr Pradeep singh s/o Balvinder singh Ex Def personal has got the job in the office of Chief workshop manager North Central Railways Jhansi UP. Mr N Nizam retd from Air force got placement in reputed construction company in Gulf.